The Accounts Manager, Miss. Rasha, enables the servicing process by providing resources and a safe and manageable site. The responsibilities of the Accounts Manager fall into two categories: support services and sales.

An Accounts Manager also oversees the movement of goods and supplies. Accounts Managers are relied upon for nearly every aspect of modern life, often without even knowing it. Miss Rasha arranges the movement of finished goods. These items are reviewed properly by our Accounts Manager before we put them on sell for customers. She also arranges the warehousing of goods and organization of sales department.

  • Site security, gate, site perimeter;
  • Human resources, agency staff, accommodation, canteen;
  • Communications, signage, hoardings;

  • Traffic management;
  • Cleaning;
  • Waste management.

Accounts Managers typically run the support services as listed above while they very rarely take responsibility for more than one or two items in the materials logistics list. For Accounts managers to have an impact on resource efficiency, cost and waste their role should be expanded to cover all aspects of materials logistics.

The project was very successful. It finished early and well below budgeted costs, and this was thanks in no small part to the smoothly running logistics operation.