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At International DSM Group, Inc., our core focus lies in the sales consulting and physical trading. Our assets and investments serve to support and enhance these primary activities. Our clientele for oil and petroleum products spans a diverse range, including electric utilities, refiners, major corporations, and National Oil Companies. As an authorized company, we act as a genuine petroleum end seller’s registered to refineries.

Our authorization empowers us to negotiate on behalf of our clients with potential buyers across the globe, for any transaction. We take pride in our specialization in both crude oil and petroleum products trading, catering to companies and individuals seeking serious and reliable partners for buying or selling petroleum products.

Our metal and minerals customers encompass various sectors – from mining companies and smelters to refined metals retailers and industrial manufacturers. International DSM Group, Inc. is committed to making trade seamless. We efficiently and responsibly move physical commodities from regions of abundance to areas of high demand. Regardless of whether you are a producer, an existing or potential government or business partner, or an end-user, our dedication, commitment, and extensive global resources bring you closer to your markets.

Working alongside several sellers, International DSM Group, Inc. offers a diverse range of procedures, delivery/payment terms, and pricing. As the go-to source for comprehensive solutions in the oil and gas equipment industry, we provide everything from individual parts to high-level contracts. Our network of partners stretches across the entire supply chain, ensuring a robust and reliable system for our clients.

We value and respect the role of brokers in our business and pledge to honor and protect all referrals.



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As professional procurers of Oil & Petroleum products & equipment, International DSM Group Inc. is here to remain a dedicated consort for each and every one of the clients we extend our services to. We have a strong and accomplished team of experts to help every step of the way when it comes to getting the product that you need..


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